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Cup competitions

100 Guineas Cup 1949-50 (organised by the Lanarkshire Junior League)

Aberdeen & District Junior League Cup 1923-1968

Aberdeen Charity Cup 1888-1893 (later called the Aberdeenshire Charity Cup (1893-1899))

Aberdeenshire Charity Cup 1893-1899, 1908-1932 (previously called the Aberdeen Charity Cup (1888-1893))

Aberdeenshire & District Cup 1887-date

Aberdeenshire & District Qualifying Cup 1902-1905

Aberdeenshire Shield 1990-date

Ainsworth Cup 1921-1930 (Argyll-based competition)

Airdrie Charity Cup 1884-1894

Alex Jack Cup 1988-date (East of Scotland competition)

Alloa & District Junior Cup 1908-1913 (previously the Clackmannanshire Junior Cup (1907-1908))

Alva FC Tournament 1889-90

Anglo-Scottish Cup 1975-1981 (previously called the Texaco Cup (1970-1975))

Annandale Cup 1900-1904

Annandale Junior Badges 1899-1900

Annandale Junior Cup 1898-1923

Atholl Charity Cup 1949-1957

Atholl Cup 1887-1968

Ayrshire Cup 1877-1998

Ayrshire Consolation Cup 1897-1904

Ayrshire Qualifying Cup 1904-1926

B Division Supplementary Cup 1945-1952

Baillie Clubb Cup 1919-1922 (Grampian competition)

Banffshire Cup 1890-1892, 1907-1930

Bells Cup 1971-1979 (Highland competition)

Berwick Charity Cup 1893-1899

Berwick Charity Competition 1898-99

Berwickshire Junior Cup 1901-02

Berwickshire Junior Charity Cup 1924-1929

Berwickshire Junior Consolation Cup 1923-1929

Birks Cup 1924-1957 (Perthshire competition)

Blenheim Cup 1913-1942 (Leith Athletic v St Bernard's competition)

Border Cup 1890-1956

Brae Cup 1921-1946 (Fraserburgh v Peterhead competition)

British League Cup 1901-02

British Legion Cup 1947-1951 (Dumfries-shire Junior competition)

Buchanan Charity Cup 1887-1892 (Dumbartonshire charity competition)

Buteshire Cup 1880-1892 (previously called the Rothesay Cup (1880-1886))

Cafolla Cup 1921-1965 (also known as the Wigtownshire & Kirkcudbrightshire Cup)

Cairns Charity Cup 1904-05 (Berwickshire competition)

Calder Shield 1922-1927 (West Lothian competition)

Campbeltown & District Junior Charity Cup 1934-1937

Candida Casa Cup 1910-1913 (South of Scotland competition)

Carmichael Cup 1896-1903 (West and Mid-Lothian competition)

Carry Cup 1897-1911 (also known as the Forfarshire County League)

Central Counties Championship 1903-04

Central League Cup 1919-1921

Central Region Junior League Cup 1968-2002

Central Region Sectional Junior League Cup 1968-2002

Chapman Cup 1946-1953 (Kincardineshire Junior competiition)

Churchill Cup 1881-1895 (South of Scotland competition)

City Cup 1903-date (East of Scotland competition)

Clackmannanshire Championship 1922-23

Clackmannanshire Charity Cup 1887-1896

Clackmannanshire Junior Charity Cup 1890-1911

Clackmannanshire Junior Cup 1901-1908 (later called the Alloa & District Junior Cup (1908-1913))

Clydebank Charity Cup 1917-1920 (also known as the Fraser Charity Cup)

Coronation Cup 1952-53

Cowan Cup 1890-1893 (previously called the Slamannan & District Charity Cup (1889-90))

Cree Lodge Cup 1921-date (South of Scotland competition)

Dainty Dinah Cup 1924-1929 (Berwickshire Junior competition)

Dawson Cup 1910-1955 (Kincardineshire Junior competiition)

Dewar Shield 1898-1983 (Northern championship competition)

Dickson Cup 1946-1951 (Kincardineshire Junior competiition)

Drybrough Cup 1971-1975, 1979-1981

Dumbartonshire Charity Cup 1915-1926

Dumbartonshire Cup 1884-1940

Dumbartonshire FA Tournament 1885-86

Dumfries and District Amateur Junior League Supplementary League Cup 1949-50

Dumfries and Galloway Junior Cup 1919-1926

Dumfries and Galloway Junior Shield 1919-1926

Dumfries & Maxwelltown Junior Cup 1911-12

Dumfries & Maxwelltown Junior Shield 1911-12

Dumfries, Maxwelltown & District Junior Cup 1892-1907

Dumfries & Galloway Cup 1898-1931

Dumfries FC Junior Cup 1904-1906

Dundee Burns Club Charity Cup 1883-1892

Dundee Charity Cup 1892-1896

Dunedin Cup 1909-1933

Dunfermline Charity Cup 1887-1890

Dunfermline Cottage Hospital Charity Cup 1896-1904

East Fife Charity Cup 1922-23

East Lothian Junior Cup. 1892-1928

East Lothian Junior League Cup 1899-1901, 1903-04

East of Scotland Consolation Cup 1883-1928 (previously called the Edinburgh Consolation Cup (1883-1889))

East of Scotland Junior Cup 1885-date

East of Scotland Junior Consolation Cup (also known as the Renton Cup)

East of Scotland Qualifying Cup 1897-date

East of Scotland Shield 1875-1990 (previously called the Edinburgh Cup (1875-1881) and Edinburgh Shield (1881-1889))

Eastern Cup 1915-1920

Eastern League Cup 1945-46

Edinburgh Consolation Cup 1883-1889 (later called the East of Scotland Consolation Cup)

Edinburgh Cup 1875-1881 (later called the Edinburgh Shield (1881-1889))

Edinburgh & District League Cup 1931-32

Edinburgh Exhibition Contest 1890-91

Edinburgh Exhibition Cup 1908-09

Edinburgh International Exhibition Tournament 1886-87

Edinburgh Lord Provost's Rent Relief Fund 1921-22

Edinburgh Shield 1881-1889 (later called the East of Scotland Shield)

Elgin District Cup 1890-1936

Elginshire Charity Cup 1887-1925

Empire Exhibition Cup 1937-38

Evening Times Champions Cup 2012-date

Evening Times Cup-Winners' Cup 1979-2012

Evening Times Trophy 1896-1979 (Championship trophy for the Glasgow Junior League, Scottish Central Junior League and Central Region Junior League, thereafter awrded to the winners of the Evening Times Cup-Winners' Cup (1979-2012) and Evening Times Champions Cup (2012-date))

'Express' Ibrox Disaster Fund 1901-02 (Lanarkshire charity competition)

Falkirk & District Charity Cup 1884-1888

Falkirk Cottage Hospitals Shield 1889-1905

Falkirk Infirmary Charity Shield 1905-1940

Fernie Cup 1938-1940 (Fife Junior competition)

Fife Charity Cup 1925-26

Fife Cup 1882-date (previously called the Fifeshire Cup (1882-1896 and 1900-1903), Fife & District Cup (1896-1900) and Fife League (1903-1905))

Fife & District Cup 1896-1900 (previously called Fifeshire Cup (1882-1896, 1900-1903), later called Fife League (1903-1905) and Fife Cup (1905-date))

Fifeshire Charity Cup 1890-1927

Fifeshire Cup 1882-1896, 1900-1903 (later called Fife & District Cup (1896-1900), Fife League (1903-1905) and Fife Cup 1905-date))

Fleming Charity Shield 1899-1929 (Aberdeenshire charity competition)

Forfarshire Charity Cup 1887-1897

Forfarshire Cup 1883-2016

Franco-Scottish Friendship Cup 1960-1962

Fraser Charity Cup 1926-27 (also known as the Clydebank Charity Cup)

Galloway Junior Cup 1926-1928

Galloway Shield 1891-1928 (Stewartry Junior competition)

Gardener Cup 1896-1927

Gibson Charity Cup 1888-89

Glasgow Cup 1887-1988

Glasgow Dental Cup 1928-29

Glasgow Exhibition Cup 1901-02

Glasgow Exhibition Trophy 1888-89

Glasgow Junior League Cup 1921-1927

Glasgow Lord Provost's Rent Relief Fund 1921-22

Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup 1876-1967

Glasgow Merchants' Charity Cup 1876-1967 'Remembering Us Year After Year' a thesis written by Wray Vamplew

Glasgow & West of Scotland Shield 1906-07

Gershon Cup 1893-1897

Govan Charity Cup 1885-1887

Govan & Ibrox Cup 1887-1891

Govan Jubilee Cup 1886-1891

Graham Cup 1887-1891

Greenock & District Charity Cup 1884-1894

Greenock & District Cup 1881-1883

High Cup 1905-1909, 1932-33

Highland League Cup 1946-date

Inverness Charity Cup 1885-1949

Inverness Sports Bed Cup 1930-1940

Inter-County Shield 1906-07

Johnstone-Currie Cup 1946-1951 (Dumfries-shire Junior competition)

Johnstone & District Cup 1878-1891

Johnstone & District Charity Cup 1888-89

Kilmarnock Burns Cup 1878-79

Kilmarnock Merchants' Charity Cup 1880-1939

Kilsyth Charity Cup 1888-1893

Kincardineshire Subscription Cup 1919-1955

King Cup 1887-date

Kirkcaldy Cottage Hospital Charity Cup 1896-1903

Kirkcaldy Hospital Cup 1919-20

Kirkintilloch Jubilee Cup 1886-1890

Lanarkshire Charity Cup 1916-1919

Lanarkshire Cup 1879-1996

Lanarkshire Consolation Cup 1889-1900

Lanarkshire Express Cup 1909-1927

Lanarkshire FA Tournament 1889-90

Lanarkshire Junior League Cup 1921-1968

Larkhall Charity Cup 1889-1894

Law Cup 1889-1907

Lees Cup 1922-1929 (Berwickshire Junior competition, briefly known as the Paton Cup during 1922-23)

Leith Burgh Cup 1885-1889

Leith Burghs Shield 1912-1914

Linlithgowshire Cup 1884-1927 (also known as the Rosebery Cup)

Linlithgowshire Charity Cup 1885-86

Loftus Cup 1911-1921

Longmuir Cup 1920-1923 (Dumfries-shire Junior competition)

Lowland League Cup 2013-date

Lyle Cup 1908-c1929 (Oban-based Junior competition)

Mark Stewart Cup 1905-1922 (Stewartry Junior competition)

Menzies Trophy 1916-17

Mid-Argyll Possil Cup 1922-1924

Moffat Harriers FC Cup 1900-1902 (Dumfries-shire Junior competition)

Moore Trophy 1927-1956 (Junior competition for Western League clubs)

Motherwell Charity Cup 1885-1888

North Ayrshire Cup 1893-1908 (also known as the North Ayrshire League)

North Eastern Cup 1881-1895 (Glasgow-based competition)

North-Eastern Cup 1908-1914 (Eastern competition, previously organised as the East of Scotland League)

North-Eastern Intermediate Cup 1927-1931 (Glasgow-based competition)

North of Scotland Junior Cup 1949-1987

Oban & District Junior Cup 1890-1892

Orr-Ewing Cup 1934-1940 (Argyll-based Junior competition)

Paisley Charity Cup 1882-1968

Paton Cup 1922-23 (Berwickshire Junior competition, renamed the Lees Cup in May 1923)

Penman Cup 1905-1963

Perthshire Cup 1884-1975

Perthshire Consolation Cup 1905-1958

Potts Cup 1901-date

President's Trophy 1878-79 (organised by the Edinburgh FA)

Provincial Cup 1927-28 (competition organised by the Provincial League)

Renton Cup 1877-1935 (also known for a time as the East of Scotland Junior Consolation Cup)

Queen of the South Junior Challenge Shield 1900-1907 (Dumfries-shire Junior competition)

Queen's Park Shield 1921-date (Inter-University championship)

Recreation Grounds Cup 1887-1889 (Dumfries-shire Junior competiiton)

Reid Charity Cup 1887-1896 (Perth competition)

Renfrewshire Cup 1878-2014

Renfrewshire Victoria Cup 1897-1929

Rhodesia Cup 1898-1905 (Aberdeen competition)

Robertson Cup 1908-1933

Rothesay Cup 1880-1886 (later called the Buteshire Cup)

Rothesay 2nd XI Cup 1885-86

Rosebery Charity Cup 1882-1945 (Edinburgh competition)

Rosebery Cup 1884-1927 (alternate name for the Linlithgowshire Cup)

Royal Standard and Grand National Halls Cup 1879-1881

Scott Cup 1930-1955 (Kincardineshire Junior competiition)

Scottish Alliance Shield 1932-33 (mainly reserve competition that also featured non-league clubs)

Scottish Central Junior League Cup 1931-1968

Scottish Central Junior League Cup Results for seasons 1951-1954

Scottish Counties Junior Cup 1923-1956 (representative competition played between Junior Associations)

Scottish Counties Junior Cup Goalscorers 1923-1956 (Excel file compiled by Tom McGouran)

Scottish Junior Cup 1880-81 (this compeition predates the current Scottish Junior Cup which was first played in 1886-87)

Scottish Junior League Victory Cup 1918-1947

Scottish Junior League Victory Consolation Cup 1919-1940

St Mungo Cup 1951

St Mungo Quaich 1951

Sauchie Colliery Band Charity Badge 1886-87

Scottish 2nd Eleven Cup 1881-1988

Scottish Intermediate Cup 1927-1931

Scottish Intermediate Consolation Cup 1927-1931

Scottish Intermediate League Cup 1927-1931

Scottish League C Division League Cup 1946-47, 1950-1954

Scottish League Charity Cup 1890-91

Scottish Reserve League Cup 1945-1949

Scottish War Emergency Cup 1939-40

Slamannan & District Charity Cup 1889-90 (later called the Cowan Cup (1890-1893))

South Ayrshire Junior League Shield 1923-1925

South of Scotland Cup 1927-193

Southern Counties Charity Cup 1883-1937

Southern Counties Consolation Cup 1898-1927

Southern Counties Cup 1891-date

South Western Counties Cup 1931-1936

Spring Cup 1975-76

Stark Cup 1908-1912 (Kirkcaldy competition)

Stewartry Cup 1892-1914 (Junior competition)

Stirling Charity Cup 1885-1960

Stirling War Memorial Fund 1947-48

Stirlingshire Cup 1883-2016

Stirlingshire Consolation Cup 1897-1927, 1931-1933, 1950-1952

Stirlingshire Junior League Cup 1919-1933

Summer Cup 1940-1945, 1963-1965

Sutherland Cup 1934-1940 (Argyll-based Junior competition)

Tarff Junior Cup 1921-1928

Tennents Soccer Sixes 1983-1993

Texaco Cup 1970-1975 (later called the Anglo-Scottish Cup (1975-1981))

Tweedie Cup 1898-date

Upper Nithsdale Charity Cup 1904-1909 (Senior competition from 1904-1907, Junior competition from 1907-1909)

Vernon Trophy 1936-1963 (Junior competition for Western League clubs)

Victory Cup 1918-19, 1945-46

Wallace Cup 1922-1931

War Fund Shield 1914-15, 1917-18

Waring Cup 1922-1929 (Berwickshire Junior competition)

Wemyss Cup 1897-1940 (also known as Wemyss League (1905-06 and 1907-1913))

Wemyss League 1905-06, 1907-1913 (also known as Wemyss Cup (1897-1905, 1906-07 and 1913-1940))

Western Cup 1916-1924

Western Junior League Cup 1922-1931

Western Intermediate League Cup 1927-1931

Western League Cup 1931-1968 (Junior competition)

West Fife Charity Cup 1913-1924

West of Scotland Cup 1877-1879

West Sound Trophy 2003-2006

Wigtownshire Charity Cup 1934-1937

Wigtownshire Cup 1889-1968

Wigtownshire Junior Cup 1920-1928

Wigtownshire & District Cup 1890-1973

Wigtownshire & Kirkcudbrightshire Cup 1921-1965 (also known as the Cafolla Cup)

Wingate Trophy 1925-26 (Berwickshire Junior competition)

Wishaw Charity Cup 1913-1915

Wyper Medals 1881-82 (Dumfries-shire Junior competition)

Yoker Cup 1880-1883