Presidentís Trophy

Page created: 28 June 2020


A one-off competition played through 1878-79 by members of the Edinburgh FA.





1878-79 Heart of Midlothian




1878-79 Presidentís Trophy

First round

18 Jan* Edinburgh University v Buccleuch

18 Jan* Swifts v Bellevue

8 Feb Hanover v Waverley 6-0

25 Jan* Thistle v Lancefield†††††††††† both qualified

1 Feb Edina v Burntisland Thistle 3-0 at Powburn

8 Feb Hibernian v Brunswick 6-0 at Powburn

15 Feb Heart of Midlothian v Dunfermline 4-2


Second round

8 Mar Hanover v Edina 3-1 at Brunswick FC

22 Feb Edinburgh University v Swifts 3-0

Rest byes


Third round

5 Apr Hibernian v Thistle 0-0

19 Apr Hibernian v Thistle 3-1 at Powderhall

22 Mar Lancefield v Heart of Midlothian 0-14

Hanover v Edinburgh University wo-scr



3 May Hibernian v Heart of Midlothian 0-1 at Powderhall

Hanover bye


Final at Powderhall, Edinburgh

10 May Heart of Midlothian v Hanover 5-4