West of Scotland Cup

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In September 1877, of the 44 clubs who had applied to join the Scottish FA, eight were refused, mainly on the condition that they didn't have a ground of their own and played on public parks. This decision was generally criticised and the Scottish FA were blasted as 'thinking shame of its birthplace'. One of the rejected clubs, Vale of Leven Wanderers, proposed the formation of a ‘Public Park' FA, and on 30 October 1877 60 clubs sent representatives to Whyte's Temperance Hotel in Glasgow and formed the West of Scotland FA.


In December 1877, the fledgling organisation decided to hold a Cup tournament. At least two competitions were run between 1877 and 1879 before the association was wound up.




1877-78 Marchton
1878-79 Partick Thistle




1877-78 West of Scotland Cup

First round

5 Jan Arthurlie Rovers v Wellpark 0-1

5 Jan Glenkilloch Juniors v Barrhead St John's 0-4

5 Jan Grafton v Surrey 8-0

8 Jan Cathkin v Violet 3-3

19 Jan Cathkin v Violet 1-1 both qualified

12 Jan Britannia v Vale of Leven Wanderers 2-0

12 Jan Crosshill v Oatlands 5-0

12 Jan Deaf & Dumb v Waverley 2-0

12 Jan Lancelot v Camden 0-2

12 Jan Lorne v Regent 3-0

12 Jan Lumsden v Firpark 2-3 protest upheld

19 Jan Firpark v Lumsden 1-0 after a protest Lumsden qualified

12 Jan Walworth v Marchton 0-0

26 Jan Marchton v Walworth 2-2

16 Feb Marchton v Walworth 4-0

12 Jan Woodlands v Elgin 2-0

15 Jan Barrhead Rangers v Argyll 6-0

19 Jan Western Rangers v Crossmyloof Wellpark 0-4

19 Jan Hamilton St John's v Barrhead Thistle 2-0 after a protest, Barrhead Thistle qualified

19 Jan Hopeton v Kerrland 0-1

19 Jan Huntingdon v Barrhead Argyle 2-0

19 Jan Palermo v Maryfield 7-1

19 Jan Partick Thistle v Cowlairs 4-1

12 Jan Waterloo v Lendel 1-3

Renfrew Ramblers v Springfield scr-wo


At a meeting on 5 January five clubs were admitted and drawn against each other in the first round

19 Jan Florence v Camphill 0-0 both qualified

19 Jan Windsor v Star of Leven 4-0

Renfrew Wanderers bye


Second round

26 Jan Lendel v Florence 5-2

26 Jan Wellpark v Crosshill 3-0

2 Feb Camphill v Cathkin 2-4

2 Feb Huntingdon v Palermo 2-0

2 Feb Lumsden v Britannia 1-1

9 Feb Britannia v Lumsden 3-0

2 Feb Violet v Camden 2-0

2 Feb Barrhead Thistle v Woodlands 0-0

9 Feb Woodlands v Barrhead Thistle 2-0

9 Feb Grafton v Windsor 6-0

9 Feb Lorne v Crossmyloof Wellpark 0-0

16 Feb Crossmyloof Wellpark v Lorne 5-0

2 Feb Barrhead Rangers v Deaf & Dumb 2-0

Kerrland v Barrhead St John's wo-scr

Renfrew Wanderers v Springfield scr-wo

Marchton v Partick Thistle both ualified as it was too late to play tie

Hamilton St John's were re-instated following an appeal and entered the third round


Third round

23 Feb Partick Thistle v Huntingdon 4-1

2 Mar Britannia v Cathkin 0-2

2 Mar Crossmyloof Wellpark v Marchton 1-2

2 Mar Grafton v Woodlands 5-1

2 Mar Kerrland v Lendel 3-0

2 Mar Wellpark v Springfield 0-0 replay not played and Springfield qualified

9 Mar Barrhead Rangers v Hamilton St John's 4-1

Violet bye


Fourth round

16 Mar Grafton v Springfield 1-3

16 Mar Cathkin v Violet 0-0

6 Apr Violet v Cathkin 1-0

23 Mar Barrhead Rangers v Marchton 1-4

23 Mar Partick Thistle v Kerrland 2-3



6 Apr Marchton v Kerrland 2-1

13 Mar Springfield v Violet 3-0


Final at Kinning Park, Glasgow

25 May Marchton v Springfield 1-1

1 Jun Marchton v Springfield 1-0


Springfield protested the result immediately the game ended and as most of the association committee was in attendance at the game a meeting was held that evening. Springfield’s contention was the goal should not have stood as their was a hand ball foul by a Marchton player in the build up to the goal.


Having gone through all the evidence, the committee agreed the facts were that in the build up to the goal a hand ball was observed by a Marchton player. This was seen and cried by one umpire but not seen by the other, and before the referee could give any decision, the ball was sent through. The referee on being consulted afterwards agreed the ball was fouled at this point. There was no dispute that the ball was fouled but nor was there any pretence that Springfield were put off guard by claiming a foul, indeed, they did their best to keep the ball out. As it is not shown by the evidence that the hand at all helped to score the goal and, as the ball was still in play not being stopped by the authoritative verdict of the umpires the referee gave a goal, and his decision the committee confirmed. The confirmation was made by a majority of two.

Springfield were denied leave to appeal so the result stood and Marchton declared winners.

1878-79 West of Scotland Cup

First round

19 Oct Dennistoun v Partick Thistle 3-6

12 Oct Marchton v Windsor 5-0

12 Oct Violet v Kerrland 2-0

12 Oct Barrhead Rangers v Springvale 8-0

19 Oct Lorne v Britannia 0-0

19 Oct Kilbirnie v Kilmarnock Athletic 0-2

19 Oct Govanhill v Argyle 1-0 stopped due to a dispute about the goal


Second round

23 Nov Marchton v Barrhead Rangers 1-2 protest

30 Nov* Marchton v Barrhead Rangers

28 Dec Thornliebank Rainbow v Partick Thistle 1-2





XXMar Partick Thistle v Wellpark 1-1

29 Mar Partick Thistle v Wellpark 2-1 aet, at Queen's Park

1 Mar Marchton v Violet 4-3


Final at Hampden Park, Glasgow

5 Apr Partick Thistle v Marchton 1-0