Scottish League ‘B’ Division Supplementary Cup

known as the Southern League ‘B’ Division Cup in 1945-46


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Faced with the prospect of just a minimum of 32 League and Cup fixtures, clubs in the B Division of the Southern League organized the Supplementary Cup to dovetail the end of the League fixture card in February.  The interest generated by the new competition – crowds upward of 15000 were common – prompted the Scottish League to continue the tournament when full peace-time football returned in 1946.  The second season proved the Cup was popular as the crowds flocked to the matches played during the autumn months. Unfortunately the third season (1947-48) was dogged by problems in getting suitable dates, the B Division having been extended to sixteen clubs and also due to the severe winter. The first round kicked off on 5 January, but the round of matches couldn’t be completed until mid April. The 2 legged final itself had to be shoehorned in during a four-day space at the end of the season.  In 1948-49, the League left the clubs to organize the competition, and without that guiding hand a tournament that kicked off on 25 August and should have been short and snappy, ended up being completed a full 364 days later. The 1949-50 season again saw the clubs run the Cup, and again without the League’s organization, it was a shambles. The first ties were played in September 1949, but the Round wasn’t completed until the end of April 1950. Also Queen’s Park, due to commitments to the Scotland Amateur team withdrew before the competition started. By the end of the season, the semi-finals were still to be decided, the deciding second legs being held over until the new season. These were completed by September, but by then a lack of available dates for the final and a waning public interest, made the whole competition pointless and it was left unfinished. There was, obviously, no call for a 1950-51 competition, but the success of the two St Mungo tournaments for the Festival of Britain celebrations, prompted calls for the Cup to be revived. This time the competition would be short and run over a four-week period, with all games being played off on Saturdays towards the end of the season. Although a great success, it wasn’t revived for the next season, with the introduction of floodlights opening up the League’s fixture card to evening matches as well as glamour friendlies.


Other competitions run solely for the lower division clubs were the Spring Cup, played in 1975-76, and the League Challenge Cup, first played in 1990.






1945-46 Airdrieonians

1946-47 East Fife

1947-48 East Fife

1948-49 St Johnstone

1949-50   unfinished

1950-51  no competition

1951-52 Clyde


1945-46 ‘B’ Division Supplementary Cup

First round – 2 legs

26 Jan Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton 1-6

2 Feb Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir 2-2

26 Jan Cowdenbeath v Dundee 1-4

2 Feb Dundee v Cowdenbeath 2-2

26 Jan St Johnstone v Ayr United 2-2

2 Feb Ayr United v St Johnstone 2-1

26 Jan Dundee United v Raith Rovers 1-4

2 Feb Raith Rovers v Dundee United 0-3

6 Feb Dundee United  v Raith Rovers 3-3, 4-4 corners, Raith won on toss of a coin,  at Dens Park, Dundee

26 Jan Albion Rovers v Airdrieonians 2-1

2 Feb Airdrieonians v Albion Rovers 4-3

6 Feb Airdrieonians v Albion Rovers 1-1, 8-5 corners, at Hampden Park

26 Jan Arbroath v Alloa Athletic 1-3

2 Feb  Alloa Athletic v Arbroath 3-3

2 Feb East Fife v Dunfermline Athletic 3-0

6 Feb Dunfermline Athletic v East Fife 2-4          


Second round

9 Feb Dundee v Alloa Athletic 6-2

9 Feb Raith Rovers v Airdrieonians 0-4

9 Feb Ayr United v East Fife 0-1

Dumbarton bye



16 Feb East Fife v Dumbarton 0-1

16 Feb Dundee v Airdrieonians 1-1

20 Feb Airdrieonians v Dundee 2-1


Final at Ibrox Park, Glasgow

17 Apr Airdrieonians v Dumbarton 2-1





1946-47 ‘B’ Division Supplementary Cup

First round – 2 legs

14 Aug Dumbarton v Alloa Athletic 1-4

21 Aug Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton 0-2

14 Aug Cowdenbeath v St Johnstone 1-3

21 Aug St Johnstone  v Cowdenbeath 4-1

14 Aug Arbroath v Raith Rovers 2-3

21 Aug Raith Rovers v Arbroath 1-0

14 Aug Dundee United v Stenhousemuir 4-1

20 Aug Stenhousemuir v Dundee United 2-2

14 Aug Dundee v Airdrieonians 1-1

21 Aug Airdrieonians v Dundee 0-1

14 Aug East Fife v Albion Rovers 2-1

18 Aug Albion Rovers v East Fife 1-4

14 Aug Ayr United v Dunfermline Athletic 1-2

21 Aug Dunfermline Athletic v Ayr United 4-0


Second round

28 Aug Raith Rovers v St Johnstone 2-1

28 Aug Dundee United v St Johnstone 4-1

28 Aug Dundee v East Fife 2-4

Alloa Athletic bye



4 Sep Raith Rovers v Alloa Athletic 2-1

4 Sep Dundee United v East Fife 2-4


Final – 2 legs                  

11 Sep East Fife v Raith Rovers 3-2

18 Sep Raith Rovers v East Fife 1-4

1947-48 ‘B’ Division Supplementary Cup

First round

5 Jan Kilmarnock v Stirling Albion 1-2

7 Jan Dumbarton v Stenhousemuir 3-2

31 Jan Arbroath v East Fife 1-1

31 Mar East Fife v Arbroath 6-0

21 Feb Alloa Athletic v St Johnstone 3-2

21 Feb Ayr United v Dunfermline Athletic 4-2

29 Mar Hamilton Academical v Dundee United 3-2

5 Apr Raith Rovers v Albion Rovers 1-2

5 Apr Leith Athletic v Cowdenbeath 2-2

12 Apr Cowdenbeath v Leith Athletic 0-3


Second round

7 Apr Alloa Athletic v Hamilton Academical 1-1

12 Apr Hamilton Academical v Alloa Athletic 4-1

9 Apr Albion Rovers v Ayr United 2-2

14 Apr Ayr United v Albion Rovers 0-2

17 Apr Stirling Albion v Leith Athletic 3-2

12 Apr East Fife v Dumbarton 2-0



22 Apr East Fife v Albion Rovers 9-1

24 Apr Stirling Albion v Hamilton Academical 3-2


Final – 2 legs    

30 Apr Stirling Albion v East Fife 1-2

3 May East Fife v Stirling Albion 7-0





1948-49 ‘B’ Division Supplementary Cup

First round

25 Aug Queen’s Park v Kilmarnock 1-2

25 Aug Cowdenbeath v Dumbarton 4-2

15 Sep Ayr United v Stenhousemuir 1-1

13 Apr Stenhousemuir v Ayr United 2-0

15 Sep Airdrieonians v Dundee United 3-0

4 Oct Raith Rovers v East Stirlingshire 2-0

5 Feb Arbroath v Hamilton Academical 1-1

6 Apr Hamilton Academical v Arbroath 2-2

19 Apr Hamilton Academical v Arbroath 4-0 at Celtic Park

9 Apr Stirling Albion v Alloa Athletic 1-2

9 Apr Dunfermline Athletic v St Johnstone 2-3


Second round

4 Apr Raith Rovers v Airdrieonians 2-0

23 Apr Cowdenbeath v Stenhousemuir 0-0

30 Apr Stenhousemuir v Cowdenbeath 0-1

25 Apr Kilmarnock v Alloa Athletic 5-1

25 Apr Hamilton Academicals v St Johnstone 0-2



4 May Raith Rovers v Kilmarnock 5-1

4 May Cowdenbeath v St Johnstone 0-1


Final – 2 legs

7 May Raith Rovers v St Johnstone 1-2

24 Aug 1949 St Johnstone v Raith Rovers 2-0

1949-50 ‘B’ Division Supplementary Cup

First round

12 Sep Ayr United v Alloa Athletic 2-4

12 Sep Kilmarnock v Dundee United 4-3

10 Apr Albion Rovers v Morton 3-1

12 Apr Hamilton Academical v Airdrieonians 2-3

19 Apr Stenhousemuir v Dumbarton 2-1

19 Apr Dunfermline Athletic v Cowdenbeath 1-2

24 Apr Forfar Athletic v Arbroath 1-1

29 Apr Arbroath v Forfar Athletic 1-3 aet

St Johnstone v Queen’s Park wo-scr


Second round

22 Apr St Johnstone v Albion Rovers 4-2

25 Apr Kilmarnock v Airdrieonians 2-1

6 May Alloa Athletic v Forfar Athletic 1-1

10 May Forfar Athletic v Alloa Athletic 4-0

6 May Cowdenbeath v Stenhousemuir 2-0



10 May St Johnstone v Kilmarnock 2-2

23 Aug 1950 Kilmarnock v St Johnstone 2-1 aet

13 May Forfar Athletic v Cowdenbeath 1-1

13 Sep 1950 Cowdenbeath v Forfar Athletic 2-3



Forfar Athletic v Kilmarnock  


The final was not played and the competition was unfinished





1950-51 ‘B’ Division Supplementary Cup

No competition

1951-52 ‘B’ Division Supplementary Cup

First round

29 Mar Albion Rovers v St Johnstone 0-3

29 Mar Alloa Athletic v Stenhousemuir 3-3

2 Apr Stenhousemuir v Alloa Athletic 2-3

29 Mar Arbroath v Dunfermline Athletic 0-3

29 Mar Ayr United v Cowdenbeath 2-0

29 Mar Clyde v Forfar Athletic 7-1

29 Mar Dumbarton v Dundee United 1-0

29 Mar Queen’s Park v Hamilton Academical 1-1 at Douglas Park

2 Apr Hamilton Academical v Queen’s Park 3-2

29 Mar Kilmarnock v Falkirk 1-0


Second round

12 Apr Clyde v Ayr United 3-1

12 Apr Hamilton Academical v Kilmarnock 0-1

12 Apr Alloa Athletic v Dumbarton 4-3

12 Apr St Johnstone v Dunfermline Athletic 4-0



19 Apr Alloa Athletic v St Johnstone 0-3

19 Apr Kilmarnock v Clyde 1-3


Final – 2 legs

26 Apr Clyde v St Johnstone 5-1

29 Apr St Johnstone v Clyde 2-2