Cowan Cup

previously called the Slamannan & District Charity Cup


Page created: 19 July 2020



The Slamannan & District Charity Cup was played for in 1889-90, one season only, by mainly junior clubs but with a few senior ones as well. The competition itself was held between late April and early June 1890 and apparently all games were played at neutral venues After 1890 the competition was renamed the Cowan Cup..





Slamannan & District Charity Cup

1889-90 Southfield Rangers

Cowan Cup

1890-91 Slamannan

1891-92 Slamannan

1892-93 Slamannan Rovers




1889-90 Slamannan & District Charity Cup

First Round

19 Apr Slamannan v Slamannan Rovers 3-4 at Southfield

XXXXXBinniehill v Slamannan Strollers

10 May Barnsmuir v Drumclair 3-3 at Slamannan

15 May Barnsmuir v Drumclair 2-2 at Slamannan

XXXXXBarnsmuir v Drumclair 3-2

South Stirlingshire, Southfield Rangers and Slamannan Swifts byes


Second round

XXXXXSouthfield Rangers v South Stirlingshire

XXXXXSlamannan Swifts v Barnsmuir 4-2

XXXXXSlamannan Rovers and Slamannan Strollers byes



XXXXXSouthfield Rangers v Slamannan Strollers 5-0

XXXXXSlamannan Rovers v Slamannan Swifts 8-2



19 Jun Southfield Rangers v Slamannan Rovers 3-3 at Barnsmuir

28 Jun Southfield Rangers v Slamannan Rovers 4-3 at Southfield





1890-91 Cowan Cup


21 Mar Airdriehill v Slamannan 3-3

4 Apr Slamannan v Airdriehill 5-2

11 Apr Glengowan v Darngavil 2-1


Final at Mavisbank Park, Airdrie

2 May Slamannan v Glengowan 3-1

1891-92 Cowan Cup


9 Apr Slamannan Rovers v Slamannan 1-1



Final at Longriggend

21 May Slamannan v Airdriehill 3-1

1892-93 Cowan Cup

First round

22 Apr Glengowan v Slamannan 0-3



6 May Slamannan Rovers v Airdriehill 3-0

13 May Slamannan v Auchengray 2-1



7 Jun Slamannan Rovers v Slamannan wo-scr