Franco-Scottish Friendship Cup


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In the summer of 1960, the French Federation decided to organise a competition that would put eight of their clubs against four from each of Scotland and England. Individual clubs wouldn’t win the trophy, instead each country was awarded 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw. Originally, the format was of all the British clubs competing under the one umbrella, however the Scottish League objected to this and so two trophies were cast.


Invites went out to Dundee, Motherwell and Clyde, who all accepted. Ayr United initially accepted but had to pull out because of the lack of floodlights and were to be replaced by Hibernian. The Edinburgh side though were involved with an Edinburgh Select XI v Chelsea match so Celtic were admitted instead.


The first season was disappointing, attendances were generally poor, and with bookings high, could hardly be classed as a tournament of friendship. However the Scottish clubs came out top by winning 5 and drawing 1 of the 8 games.


The second season saw Aberdeen and Third Lanark replace Clyde and Dundee, however Celtic’s matches with Reims never took place after disagreements on when the games were to be played. This season, the French triumphed with 3 wins and a draw.





1960-61 Scotland
1961-62 France



1960-61 Franco-Scottish Friendship Cup

1st legs   

6 Aug 1960 Sedan v  Celtic  3-0

7 Aug 1960 Toulouse  v  Motherwell  1-2

7 Aug 1960 Lens  v  Clyde  0-4 

7 Aug 1960 Valencienes v  Dundee  1-0     


2nd legs    

27 Sep 1960 Clyde  v  Lens  2-1 agg 6-1

18 Oct 1960 Celtic  v  Sedan  3-3 agg 3-6

19 Oct 1960 Motherwell v  Toulouse 4-1  agg 6-2

7 Dec 1960 Dundee v  Valencienes 4-2  agg 4-3


Scotland took the series by 3-1   


1961-62 Franco-Scottish Friendship Cup

1st legs 

10 Oct 1961  Aberdeen  v  Le Havre 2-0

7 Nov 1961  Third Lanark  v Rouen  1-2

4 Apr 1962 Motherwell v  Nimes  1-2

Celtic v Reims not played


2nd legs

6 May 1962 Le Havre  v Aberdeen  2-5 agg 2-7

9 May 1962 Rouen v Third Lanark  2-1, agg 4-2

9 May 1962 Nimes  v  Motherwell  3-3 agg 5-4

Reims v Celtic not played


France win the series by 2-1