Special 'One Off' Tournaments

This page includes the following tournaments:

The Edinburgh International Exhibition Tournament of 1886

The Glasgow Exhibition Trophy of 1888

The Edinburgh Exhibition Contest of 1890

The Glasgow Exhibition Cup of 1901

The British League Cup of 1902

The Edinburgh Exhibition Cup of 1908

The Empire Exhibition Cup of 1938

The Festival of Britain tournaments of 1951

The Coronation Cup of 1953



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The Edinburgh International Exhibition Tournament was played at the Exhibition Grounds during October 1886. Three matches were played with the winners of each receiving a silver cup.


The Glasgow Exhibition Trophy was held to coincide with the 1888 International Exhibition taking place in Glasgow. All matches were played on the Exhibition Grounds (roughly where the tennis courts are now in Kelvingrove Park) between 1 August and 6 September 1888.


The Edinburgh Exhibition Contest was series of nine games arranged to coincide with the 112th International Exhibition held at Meggatland in Edinburgh in 1890. The Edinburgh Evening Dispatch newspaper awarded silver cups for the winners of each match.


After the first event in 1888, Glasgow staged its second International Trade Fair in 1901. Like the first, a football competition, the Glasgow Exhibition Cup was also included. Eight First Division sides were invited with all the matches taking place over August and September at a specially constructed site at Gilmorehill. Situated at the back of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, other games at this temporary stadium included the 1901 Glasgow Charity Cup and the Scottish Junior FA Cup final.


After Rangers won the 1901 Glasgow Exhibition Cup, they insured the trophy for a massive 100 Pounds but hopes that the competition would become an annual event were dashed a year later by the Ibrox Disaster. To raise money for the victims, the trophy was put up for a competition between the winners and runners up of the Scottish and English Football Leagues. The British League Cup, as it was called, was won by Celtic, and the trophy remains in their trophy room to this day.


A four-club tournament, the Edinburgh Exhibition Cup, was held in conjunction with an Exhibition held in Edinburgh in 1908.


The Empire Exhibition Cup was held in 1938 to coincide with the exhibition being held in Glasgow with all matches bein played at Ibrox Park.


In the summer of 1951 the UK Government organised the Festival of Britain exhibition, and like some of its predecessors football tournaments were also held. The two competitions run by the Glasgow Corporation and Glasgow FA were named St Mungo after the patron saint of the city. One, the St Mungo Quaich was for Second Division clubs while the St Mungo Cup tournament was for those in the First Division. A provision was made though that all six Glasgow clubs were entered into the Cup and as such both Clyde, relegated at the end of the 1950-51 season, and Queen's Park, who finished midway down the Second Division, replaced Stirling Albion and Airdrieonians, both of whom were placed in the Quaich while Forfar Athletic's whose place was taken by Leith Athletic of the C Division. The trophy was originally awarded for a yachting competition from 1894.


The Coronation Cup was organised in 1953 celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth, featuring eight of the top clubs in England and Scotland.





Edinburgh International Exhibition Tournament

1886-87 multiple winners


Glasgow Exhibition Trophy

1888-89 Cowlairs


Edinburgh Exhibition Contest

1890-91 multiple winners


Glasgow Exhibition Cup

1901-02 Rangers


British League Cup

1901-02 Celtic


Edinburgh Exhibition Cup

1908-09 Rangers


Empire Exhibition Cup

1937-38 Celtic


St Mungo Cup

1951 Celtic


St Mungo Quaich

1951 Dumbarton


Coronation Cup

1952-53 Celtic




1886-87 Edinburgh International Exhibition Tournament

7 Oct Hibernian v 3rd Lanark RV 2-1

7 Oct Rangers v St Bernard's 4-1

8 Oct Renton v Heart of Midlothian 2-1


All matches were played at the Exhibition Grounds


1888-89 Glasgow Exhibition Trophy

First Round
1 Aug Celtic v Abercorn 1-1

XXXXCeltic v Abercorn
3 Aug Clyde v Northern 2-1

4 Aug St Mirren v Dykebar 4-2
7 Aug Dumbarton Athletic v Morton 2-1
8 Aug Cowlairs v Thistle 9-1
10 Aug Kilmarnock v Kilbirnie 1-1

11 Aug Kilmarnock v Kilbirnie 1-0
10 Aug Partick Thistle v Airdrieonians 5-2
11 Aug Albion Rovers v East.Stirlingshire 4-3

Second Round
14 Aug Cowlairs v Clyde 5-0
15 Aug Partick Thistle v Kilbirnie 2-1
20 Aug St Mirren v Albion Rovers 1-1

23 Aug St Mirren v Albion Rovers 4-0
21 Aug Celtic v Dumbarton Athletic 3-1

29 Aug Celtic v Partick Thistle 1-0
30 Aug Cowlairs v St.Mirren 1-0

6 Sep Cowlairs v Celtic 2-0


All matches were played at the Exhibition Grounds at Gilmorehill, Glasgow





1890-91 Edinburgh Exhibition Contest

6 Aug Heart of Midlothian v Hibernian 2-0

13 Aug Leith Athletic v St Bernards 3-1 

20 Aug Dumbarton v Leith Athletic 3-1

27 Aug Queen's Park v Hibernian 9-0

30 Aug Third Lanark v Our Boys 2-1

15 Sep Heart of Midlothian v Nottingham Forest 1-0


18 Sep Kilmarnock v Wishaw Thistle 8-1

2 Oct Rangers v Sunderland Albion 3-0


All matches were played at the Recreation Ground






1901-02 Glasgow Exhibition Cup

First Round

7 Aug Third Lanark v Morton 3-1 Wilson, Cross, Johnston : Clarkston

13 Aug Rangers v St Mirren 8-1 Speedie, Hamilton 3XXXX: Campbell

21 Aug Celtic v Hibernian 1-0 Drummond

27 Aug Heart of Midlothian v Queen's Park 2-1 Hogg, Porteous : McColl (pen) XXXXatt 7000



XSep Rangers v Third Lanark 4-1 'scrimmage', Smith, Hamilton, Neil : McCoonnachie

5 Sep Celtic v Heart of Midlothian 2-1 Hodge, Drummond : Walker att 8000



9 Sep Rangers v Celtic 3-1 Hamilton 2, Neil : Campbell

Rangers: Dickie, N Smith, Drummond, Stark, Neil, Gibson, McDougall, Wilkie, Hamilton, Speedie, A Smith

Celtic: McFarlane, Davidson, Battles, Moir, Marshall, Hynds, Hodge, Livingstone, Campbell, Drummond, Quinn



1901-02 British League Cup

First round
at Ibrox Park, att 4,000
30 Apr Celtic v Sunderland 5-1
Scorers - Annan og, Marshall, Campbell 2, McDermott : Ferguson pen
Celtic: Edmond, Watson, Battles, Loney, Marshall, Orr, Livingston, McDermott, Campbell, Mcmahon, Quinn
Sunderland:Doig, Annan, Watson, Ferguson, McAllister, Jackson, W Hogg, R Hogg, Miller, Gemmell, McLatchie

at Ibrox Park, att 8,000
1 May Everton v Rangers 1-1
Scorers -             : Hamilton
Rangers : Dickie, N Smith, Drummond,Gibson, Neil, Stark ,J McPherson, Robertson, Hamilton, Miller, A Smith

Replay at Celtic Park
3 May Rangers v Everton 3-2
Scorers - Speedie, Hamilton, Walker : Dilly, Brearly
Rangers : Dickie, Campbell, Crawford, Gibson,Neil,Stark, J McPherson, Walker, Hamilton, Speedie, McDougall


at Cathkin Park, Glasgow, att 12000
17 Jun Celtic v Rangers 3-2 aet
Scorers - Quinn 3 : Hamilton, Speedie
Celtic: McPherson, Watson, Battles, Loney, Marshall, Orr,  Crawford, Campbell, Quinn, McDermott, Hamilton
Rangers: Dickie, N Smith, Crawford, Gibson, Stark, Robertson, Lennie, Walker, Hamilton, Speedie, A Smith


The Final had been delayed until 17 June to coincide with the Coronation of Edward VII





1908-09 Edinburgh Exhibition Cup

First round

5 Aug Rangers v St Bernards 1-0 att 8000

7 Aug Dundee v Queen's Park 3-1 att 10000


Final att 10000

12 Aug Rangers v Dundee 1-1 Rangers won on toss of a coin





1937-38 Empire Exhibition Cup

First round

25 May Celtic v Sunderland 0-0 aet

26 May Celtic v Sunderland 3-1

27 May Aberdeen v Chelsea 4-0

30 May Rangers v Everton 0-2

1 Jun Heart of Midlothian v Brentford 1-0



3 Jun Celtic v Heart of Midlothian 1-0

6 Jun Everton v Aberdeen 3-1



10 Jun Celtic v Everton 1-0


All matches were played at Ibrox Park, Glasgow





1951 St Mungo Cup

First round

14 Jul Aberdeen v Rangers 2-1 Yorston, Baird; Findlay (att 35,000)

14 Jul Celtic v Heart of Midlothian 2-1 McPhail, Walsh; Bauld (att 51,000)

14 Jul Dundee v Motherwell 3-4 Steel 2, Hill; Watson 2, Kelly, Humphries (att 10,568)

14 Jul Hibernian v Third Lanark 3-1 Johnstone 2, Turnbull; Currie (att 22000)

14 Jul Queen of the South v East Fife 3-0 McKeown, Inglis, Oakes (att 9,261)

14 Jul Raith Rovers v Queen's Park 9-0 Penman 5, Bell og, McEwan, McIntyre, Colville (att 9,000)

14 Jul St Mirren v Partick Thistle 2-1Stewart, Rice; Walker (att 17,000)

14 Jul Morton v Clyde 1-2 McVinish; Long, McPhail (att 10000)


Second round all games were played on Glasgow grounds

17 Jul Raith Rovers v Queen of the South 2-2 Penman, Young; Paterson, Inglis (at Celtic Park, att 5,000)

18 Jul Raith Rovers v Queen of the South 2-0 Young, McEwan (at Celtic Park, att 6,000)

19 Jul Celtic v Clyde 4-4 Collins 2 (1 pen), Walsh, McPhail; Linwood 2, Ring, Robertson (at Firhill Park, att 29,000)

20 Jul Celtic v Clyde 4-1 Fallon 2, Peacock, Walsh; Friel (at Firhill Park, att 29000)

21 Jul Aberdeen v St Mirren 4-2 Hamilton 2, Bogan, Baird; Burrell, Stewart (at Hampden Park, att 15000)

21 Jul Hibernian v Motherwell 3-1 Turnbull pen, Souness, Johnstone : Humphries (at Celtic Park, att23,000)



25 Jul Aberdeen v Hibernian 1-1 Hamilton; Smith (at Celtic Park, att 27000)

28 Jul Aberdeen v Hibernian 2-1 Hamilton, Yorston; Turnbull (at Pittodrie Stadium, att 28000)

28 Jul Celtic v Raith Rovers 3-1 Walsh 3; McGrory og (at Hampden Park, att 47,763)


Final at Hampden Park, att 82264

1 Aug Celtic v Aberdeen 3-2 Fallon 2, Walsh : Yorston, Bogan

Celtic: Hunter, Haughney, Rollo, Evans, Mallan, Baillie, Collins, Walsh, Fallon, Peacock,Tully

Aberdeen: Martin; Emery, Shaw; Harris, Thompson, Lowrie; Bogan, Yorston, Hamilton, Baird, Hather





1951 St Mungo Quaich

First round

25 Jul Arbroath v Airdrieonians 2-6 Swan 2 : McGuran 4, McCulloch, Brown

25 Jul Ayr United v Cowdenbeath 1-0 aet Stockdale

25 Jul Dundee United v Alloa Athletic 3-1 Grant, McKay, Quinn : Young

25 Jul Dumbarton v Kilmarnock 2-1 Finnie 2 : Hardie

25 Jul Dunfermline Athletic v Albion Rovers 4-5 McAuley, Smith, Maller, Kirk : Orr 4, Muir pen

25 Jul Hamilton Academical v Leith Athletic 6-1 Todd 3, McSeveney 2, Shearer : Landles

25 Jul St Johnstone v Falkirk 3-2 aet Brydon, Armit, Buckley : Lennon, Plumb

25 Jul Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir 2-1 Silcock, Laird : J Allan


Second round

28 Jul Airdrieonians v Albion Rovers 4-2 W Brown, McGurn 2, Shields : Dickson, Carr

28 Jul Dundee United v Hamilton Academical 1-2 Quinn : G Wilson, Taylor

28 Jul Ayr United v Stirling Albion 2-1 Japp 2 : Bain

28 Jul St Johnstone v Dumbarton 2-5 Buckley, Peat : Beaton 3, Finnie, Shaw



1 Aug Ayr United v Hamilton Academical 3-3 aet Ayr won toss of a coin Christie, Henderson, Crawford : Shearer, Rae 2

1 Aug Dumbarton v Airdrieonians 2-1 Scott 2 : Shields 2


Final at Firhill Park, Glasgow

6 Aug Dumbarton v Ayr United 2-1 aet Beaton, Finnie: Cryle

Dumbarton: Paton, McNee, Ferguson, Shaw, Whyte, Irwin, Frame, Scott, Beaton, Smith, Finnie

Ayr: Round, Henderson, Pirrie, Christie, McNeil, Nesbit, Japp, Crawford, Telford, Gallagher, Cryle









1952-53 Coronation Cup

First round

at Ibrox Park, att 40,000

11 May Hibernian v Tottenham Hotspur 1-1 aet      

Scorers:  Hibernian- Smith;  Tottenham H- Walters.

Hibernian: Younger, Govan, Paterson, Buchanan, Howie, Combe, Smith, Johnstone, Reilly, Turnbull, Ormond

Tottenham Hotspur: Reynolds, Baker, Nicholson, Marchi, King, Brittan, Walters, Bennett, Duquemin, Bailly, McClellan


Replay at Ibrox Park, 12,000

12 May Hibernian v Tottenham Hotspur 2-1

Scorers: Hibernian- Reilly 2; Tottenham- McClellan

Hibernian:   Younger; Govan; Paterson; Buchanan; Howie; Combe; Smith; Johnstone; Reilly; Turnbull; Ormond

Tottenham:   Reynolds; Baker; Nicholson; Marchi; King; Brittan; Walters; Bennett; Ducquemin; Baily; McClellan


at Hampden Park, att 58,000

11 May Celtic 1 Arsenal 0      

Scorers:  Celtic- Collins

Celtic:   Bonnar; Haughney; Rollo; Evans; Stein; McPhail; Collins; Walsh; Mochan; Peacock; Tully

Arsenal:   Swindin; Wade; Chennell; Forbes; Dodgin; Mercer; Roper; Goring; Holton; Lishman; Marden


at Hampden Park, 75,000

13 May Manchester United v Rangers 2-1                

Scorers:  Rangers- McMillan; Manchester U- Pearson, Rowley

Rangers:   Niven; Young; Little; Dunlop; Woodburn; Pryde; Waddell; McMillan; Simpson; Prentice; Hubbard

Manchester U:   Crompton; Carey; Aston; Gibson; Chilton; Cockburn;Violett; Downie; Rowley; Pearson; Byrne


at Ibrox Park, att 10,000

13 May Newcastle United v Aberdeen 4-0                

Scorers:  Newcastle U- Milburn, White, Hannah, Young (own goal)

Aberdeen:   Martin; Mitchell; Shaw; Harris; Young; Allister; Boyd; Hamilton; Buckley; Yorston; Hather

Newcastle U:   Simpson; Batty; Cowell; Harvey; Brennan; Crowe; White; Mulgrew; Milburn; Hannah; Mitchell



at Hampden Park, att 73,546

16 May Celtic v Manchester United 2-1                    

Scorers:  Celtic- Peacock, Mochan: Manchester U- Rowley

Celtic:   Bonnar; Haughney; Rollo; Evans; Stein; McPhail; Collins; Walsh; Mochan; Peacock; Tully

Manchester U:   Crompton; Carey; Aston; Gibson; Chilton; Cockburn;Violett; Downie; Rowley; Pearson; Byrne


at Ibrox Park, att 50,000

16 May Hibernian v Newcastle United 4-0               

Scorers:  Hibernian- Reilly 2, Turnbull, Johnstone

Hibernian:   Younger; Govan; Paterson; Buchanan; Howie; Combe; Smith; Johnstone; Reilly; Turnbull: Ormond

Newcastle U:   Simpson; Cowell; Batty; Harvey; Brennan; Crowe; White; Mulgrew; Milburn; Hannah; Mitchell


Final at Hampden Park, Glasgow, att107,000

20 May Celtic 2 Hibernian 2-0               

Scorers: Celtic- Mochan, Walsh

Celtic:   Bonnar; Haughney; Rollo; Evans; Stein; McPhail; Collins; Walsh; Mochan; Peacock; Fernie

Hibernian:   Younger; Govan; Paterson; Buchanan; Howie; Combe; Smith; Johnstone; Reilly; Turnbull: Ormond

Referee: H Phillips (Motherwell)