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13 May Forrest Robertson has amended the round structure of the 1898-99 Atholl Cup. Forrest has also sent me numerous new clubs from the 19th Century and so I'm in the process of reviewing the Club List. This will take place over the coming months.

23 April I've added a number of results to the 1950-1967 seasons of the North of Scotland Cup. Any additions for these seasons are more than welcome!

21 April North of Scotland Cup results from 1888-1950 and 1967-2022 are now on the site and I'll be working on filling in the missing seasons (1950-1967) over the coming weeks

12 April Alex Jack Cup complete results from 1988 to 2022 added

11 April Ian Coull has noted an amendment to the 1958-59 Dewar Shield. The St Johnstone v Alloa which was noted as being the 'Final' was actually the semi-final, the other semi was between Arbroath and Keith. The final tie between Saints and Arbroath is still to be unearthed.

6 April Aberdeenshire Cup UPDATED to include the 2000-2022 seasons

Alba Cup results added

5 April North Region Junior League results grids for seasons 1968 to 1975 added, many thanks to Jim Barrie for supplying thses

Highland League Cup results from 1946 to date are now on the site. There are a number of results, mostly Group matches, from the 1950s to mid 1960s that are being elusive...

29 March Stewart has supplied many more results for the first season of the Lanarkshire Cup

28 March Stewart Mathers has sent a number of Ayrshire Cup results for the early 1880s and a possible result for the Peterhead v Deveronvale Bell's Scotch Cup semi-final tie in 1975.

I've also corrected an error in the winners list of the North of Scotland Cup, Cove Rangers of course weren't winners in 2015 as it was Brora Rangers!

25 March  I've made a tentative start on the Highland League Cup and the results for the 1946-1951 editions are now on the site.

Ken has sent me the missing 2nd leg of the 1946-47 Aberdeenshire Cup semi-final between Huntly and Buckie Thistle

24 March I've added the results of several Highland pre-season and invitational competitions: Inverness Tournament (1978-79), Skol Lager Cup (1982-83), Clachnacuddin Tournament (1995-96), McKessack Quaich (1987-1993), Norfrost Cup (1995-1999), Buchan Cup (1990-1997), Rhys Bendel Memorial Trophy (1992-1996), Banff Tournament (1992-1994) and the Stonehaven Tournament (1991-1994)

23 March I've added the results of the Bell's Scotch Cup which was a sponsored competition for Northern clubs that existed throughout the 1970s. I'm still missing one or two results so if anyone acan fill in the blanks please contact me.

Also added are the resuls of the Drybrough Highland Cup. Note that the seasons of these are one out from what are previously recorded.

21 March Thanks to Ken Morton, the Peterhead club historian, for supplying the results of the 2 legs of the 1946-47 Aberdeenshire Cup semi-final between Peterhead and Aberdeen University

Annandale Cup, Aberdeenshire Shield, Border Cup and Southern Counties Cup updated

18 March North of Scotland Cup dates and results for 1935-1950 added

17 March North of Scotland Cup dates and results for 1924-1935 added

16 March North of Scotland Cup I've been working on this competition and the page now covers virtually all of the dates and results for the period from 1888 to 1924. I'll continue working through this cup over the coming weeks.

The Central League Cup for 1919-20 season is now complete, the Stenhousemuir beat Alloa 1-0 in the semi which was replayed on 7 April 1920. Thanks also to Alan Brown for confirming that East Fife scratched to East Stirlingshire in Rd2.

14 March Lanarkshire Cup updated

9 March Aberdeenshire Cup dates and results for 1990-2000 added. Note that the 1997-98 edition was briefly renamed the Aberdeenshire Cup Centennial to celebrate the 100th competition.

7 March I've extended the results coverage of the Aberdeenshire Cup to 1990 but the 1949-1964 period still needs some work. I've also included the pre-season Centenary Cup which was held to celebrate the 100th year of the Association.

2 March Results for the Scottish Brewers Challenge Cup, a pre-season tournament organised by Annan Athletic. Thanks again to Peter Rowan for these details.

1 March I've been endeavouring to make sense of the Western League and Western Cup competitions for 1919-1922 seasons. The 1919-20 Cup overran considerably and was only completed in late April 1921, only a couple of days before the official close of the 1920-21 season! Consequently the 1920-21 competition was to be played on a knock-out basis but it appears to have been abandoned at the second round stage. In 1921-22 it was again played as a KO but again appears to have been unfinished. Any additional info is most welcome!

27 February Peter Rowan has forwarded some corrections for the Ayrshire Cup, Ayr Charity Cup and Kilmarnock Charity Cup. These were supplied to him by John Livingston, the Kilmarnock FC historian.

1931-32 Ayrshire Cup
Competition unfinished

1932-33 Ayrshire Cup
Kilmarnock v Beith wo-scr

1933-34 Ayrshire Cup
no competition

1937-38 Ayrshire Cup
19 Apr Beith v Kilmarnock 3-1

1938-39 Ayrshire Cup
First round
27 Apr Beith v Kilmarnock 1-3
Ayr United v Galston

1931-32 Kilmarnock Merchants' Charity Cup
17 Aug Kilmarnock v Ayr United 4-0 at Rugby Park, Kilmarnock

1932-33 Kilmarnock Merchants' Charity Cup winners were Ayr United and not Kilmarnock

1936-37 Ayr Charity Cup
29 Sep 1937 Kilmarnock v Ayr United 3-0 note that this was played at the start of 1937-38 season

22 February The Central League Cup of 1920-21 was unfinished. I have found the first round draw but the (probably) three subsequent rounds have eluded me but have deduced a possible outcome. If anyone knows differently please let me know!

1920-21 Central League Cup

This is based on some conjecture. The first round was drawn on a regional basis as reported in the press, North and South. Subsequent results were reported as second round ties but it would need an intermediate round of fixtures to realise an 8-club quarter-final stage.
A newspaper report mentioned that it was unlikely King's Park would be able to play their semi-final tie as East Fife, Cowdenbeath and Dundee Hibernian hadn't been able to complete their ties. It was also noted that Falkirk 'A' would meet Bathgate after a walk-over in the first round and a bye in the second. Their semi-final defeat of Stenhousemuir put them in the final but the competition was abandoned after the season finished.

First round
10 Mar East Fife v Lochgelly United 3-0
9 Apr Cowdenbeath v St Johnstone 2-1
16 Apr Clackmannan v King's Park 0-2
Dundee Hibernian v Alloa Athletic wo-scr
Falkirk 'A' v Heart of Midlothian 'A' wo-scr
26 Mar St Bernard's v Bathgate 1-1
8 Apr Bathgate v St Bernard's 4-0
8 Apr Armadale v East Stirlingshire 0-1
Bo'ness v Stenhousemuir scr-wo
Broxburn United and Dunfermline Athletic byes

Second round
18 Apr Bathgate v East Stirlingshire 1-1
2 May East Stirlingshire v Bathgate 1-2
East Fife v Cowdenbeath
Rest byes

Third round
23 Apr King's Park v Dunfermline Athletic 1-0
Falkirk 'A' v Bathgate wo-scr
East Fife or Cowdenbeath v Dundee Hibernian
Broxburn United v Stenhousemuir

King's Park v East Fife, Cowdenbeath or Dundee Hibernian
6 May Falkirk 'A' v Stenhousemuir 2-1

Competition abandoned

21 February the three missing dates for matches in the 1919-20 Central League have now been added... Broxburn v Hearts 'A' [15 Aug 1919], Broxburn v St Bernard's [27 Sep 1919] and Clackmannan v Armadale [14 Apr 1920]. Many thanks to the members of the forum.

20 February Bob Beresford has sent me some amendments to the 1903-04 Midland League...

3 Oct Dykehead v Cartvale  4-2
24 Oct Dykehead v Carfin  3-1 Abandoned due to darkness. Note says result stood. This incorrect as game had to be replayed. Game was replayed on 20 Feb 1904 (see below)
30 Oct Broxburn Shamrock had just been admitted to the league
24 Nov Dykehead v Broxburn Shamrock 2-1 there was no official referee so result did not stand. It was reported that the game had to be replayed. (I don't know if it ever was replayed)
23 Jan   Bathgate v Dykehead 1-0 This is shown on the grid as a home game for Bathgate. The result is correct but the game was played at Dykehead. West Lothian Courier reports on game and venue.
20 Feb  Dykehead v Carfin 2-2 This was the replayed match from the game abandoned on 24 Oct.
19 Mar  Dykehead v Bathgate 1-2 was Bathgate's home tie

I also have a result for Dykehead v Bo'ness 3-4 but have no date for when match was played so unable to verify if this is correct. I also have a note saying Bo'ness won the league but I didn't record where this note came from (may have been Wishaw Press or Wishaw Herald) so again unable to confirm.

Following up on Bob's email I investigated the Dykehead v Bo'ness match further.

The following was part of a list of Bo'ness results from the Linlithgowshire Gazette (1 Apr 1904), (I've inserted the dates)...

30 Fan Broxburn Shamrock [H] 7-1 [ML]
6 Feb Dykehead [A] 4-3 [probably ML]
13 Feb East Stirlingshire [H] 1-1 [friendly]
20 Feb Bathgate [H] 2-0 [ML]

The West Lothian Courier (12 Feb 1904) shows a table with Bo'ness and Dykehead each with 9 and 8 matches played, respectively, this tallies with the results grid to this point, omitting the 6 Feb match above. Newspapers missing a result is not unheard of, I recently came across one that an Ayrshire newspaper at the time even admitted to not knowing anything about until a few weeks later!

I can't find any other reference to this match but I'm sure it did come off, that result must have come from somewhere!

18 February I'm currently looking at the 1909-1921 Central League and found the missing date and result of the 1911-12 match between Armadale and Bathgate (26 Apr, 0-2). The results grid 1912-13 edition has also been reviewed and corrected. It is now complete and the final table amended accordingly.

17 February The final two missing match dates in the 1891-92 Ayrshire League (Newmilns v Mauchline, 3-3 on 19 Mar and Annbank v Stevenston Thistle, 5-0 on 2 Apr) have now been added. The dates and results grids of this version of this league (1891-1895) are now complete

16 February The 1892-93 Midland League results and final table have been corrected.

These versions of the Midland League (1891-1897 and 1908-1911), Central League (1896-1905), Central Combination and Eastern League (1904-1907) are now look to be complete.

15 February Bob Beresford has sent me an amendment to the 1898-99 Scottish Federation; the match on 4 Feb 1899 (Clyde v Cameronians 3-3) should actually read Dykehead v Cameronians.

I've adjusted the grid and table of the 1896-97 Midlothian League

1910-11 Midland League corrected and completed. Only three clubs competed as Alloa Athletic and East Fife had been erronously  included in the result grid but the match was actually a Central League fixture!. Hearts of Beath were the eventual winners winning all three of their matches.

14 February 1903-04, 1908-09 and 1909-10 Midland League results grids and final tables corrected.

13 February The 1902-03 Central Combination results grid and final table is now complete. The Linlithgowshire Cup first round tie between Bathgate v Broxburn on 28 March 1903 was converted to a Combination game due to the inclement weather and so this entry has also been corrected.

12 February Ayrshire League UPDATED

1892-93 Ayr Parkhouse v Galston 3-1 has been pinpointed to 31 December 1892. This was the final result needed for this season and the result grid is now complete.

I have two dates missing for the 1891-92 season (Annbank v Stevenston and Newmilns v Mauchline) which I'll be researching over the next day or so.

More results have been added for the 1900-1902 editions; 1900-01 is missing two results (if the matches were played!) which have a bearing on the eventual winners while the 1901-02 season is essentially complete with Maybole being champions. Some matches in this season haven't been found but it appears they may not have been played as they didn't have a bearing on the outcome.

The 1909-10 competition is now missing only three results; Ayr v Parkhouse and Galston, and Parkhouse v Galston. Ayr came out on top of these ties as they eventually played Kilmarnock in the League final.

I've added more results to the 1898-99 Scottish Federation grid and compiled a table from it. As this table is somewhat at odds with ones printed in contemporary newspapers it means a lot more work is needed on this competition.

10 February 1906-07 Scottish Union results grid and table corrected

9 February Many thanks to Stewart Mathers and Malcolm Pagan for the following additions to the Scottish Combination...

12 Nov 1898 Thornliebank v Queen's Park Strollers 4-2
11 May 1899 Wishaw Thistle v Third Lanark 'A' 1-8
18 Feb 1899 Albion Rovers v Thornliebank 3-1 was abandoned due to fog in 75 mins
24 Mar 1899 it was reported that Thornliebank had forfeited 2 pts to Albion Rovers rather than incur further expenses after two unsuccessful visits
11 May 1899 Thornliebank v Albion Rovers 4-0

Dumfries v Dykehead wasn't played and Dumfries were awarded 2 points

Both Dumfries' results against Queens Park Strollers stood. The 12 Dec game was the Strollers home fixture but Dumfries fielded their reserve team with the firsts playing a home Potts Cup tie on the same day. This The 13 Mar game was played in Dumfries, it being Dumfries' home fixture.

Dumfries v Lanemark was for 4 points

Malcolm also added this Scottish Junior Cup result from 1902-03
Blythswood Deaf & Dumb v Rockbank 0-8

7 February 1903-04 Scottish Combination results grid and final table amended. Also shown is an alternate table, shown as printed in the Press, which differs very slightly from the one calculated from the results grid.

6 February 1902-03 Scottish Combination results grid and final table amended.

Many thanks to Bob Beresford for highlighting three issues with the Scottish Union page:

1906-07 Cowdenbeath v Maybole (1-1) in the results grid should read Cowdenbeath v Dykehead 1-1;

1911-12 the reference to Dykehead v Johnstone (13 Jan, 2-3) in the notes is removed as this was a Scottish Consolation Cup tie;

1913-14 the Dykehead v Hurlford match was played on 28 Feb, score 2-1 to Dykehead

4 February The 1898-99 Scottish Combination results grid and final table has been amended, hopefully correctly! A number of matches have eluded me: Thornliebank v Albion [5-2] and v QP Strollers [4-2], and Wishaw v 3rd LRV [1-9?]  (all possibly late Apr or early May). I've calculated these possible scorelines by comparing the published final table with the results grid.

2 February The 1905-06 and 1907-08 Scottish Combination results grids and final tables have been corrected

30 January The 1904-05 Scottish Combination results grid and final table have been corrected

29 January Tom has sent me further goals totals for the remaining post-WWII North Section tables of Western League

28 January After a thorough review of the 1906-07 Scottish Combination, I've corrected the results grid and final table

UPDATED Scottish League Football Database

UPDATED Western (Junior) League tables for 1926-27, 1928-29, 1936-37, 1937-38, 1938-39, 1946-47 and 1947-48

25 January Scottish Union  1909-10 results and final table corrected

24 January Scottish Union  1910-11 results and final table corrected

23 January I've corrected the final four seasons of the pre-WWI Scottish Union (1911-12, 1912-13, 1913-14 and 1914-15)

UPDATED Scottish League Football Database

19 January Thanks to work carried out many years ago by Stewart Davidson, and subsequently passed to me by Tom McGouran, I've been able to add many of the missing Western (Junior) League tables for the 1920s and 1930s.

15 January The Central Junior League, a short-lived Lothian-based competition. From the known results, I've compiled this table which shows the Bo'ness club Vale of Grange being champions...

Vale of Grange 6 4 1 1 16 6 9
Edinburgh Rosebery 2 1 0 1 2 4 2
Our Boys Athletic 3 1 0 2 4 4 2
Linlithgow Rose 3 0 1 2 2 10 1

14 January UPDATED Scottish League Football Database

Stuart McBay has let me know that Clydebank's 5-0 win over Dumbarton Harp in the first round of the 1905-06 Scottish Junior Cup  was protested, they won the replay 2-0.

Noted below is a partial table for the 1901-02 Midlothian Junior League, based on a table published on 7 Feb 1902 with subsequent, known results added...

Arniston Rangers 9 8 1 0 28 7 17
Niddrie Bluebell 9 6 0 3 20 15 12
Tranent United 7 3 0 4 17 19 6
Newtongrange Star 5 2 1 2 9 6 5
Prestonpans Athletic 6 1 0 5 4 14 2
Musselburgh Fern 6 0 0 6 11 26 0

Between 1901 and 1903, a cross-river league was operated called the Forth Junior League consisting of clubs from Fife and Lothians. From known results and some deducing, I've compiled what I think was the near final table.

Linlithgow Rose 8 7 0 1 25 8 14
Inverkeithing Thistle 8 7 0 1 17 7 14
Binnend Rangers 4 0 0 4 0 7 0
Queensferry Hibernian 4 0 0 4 2 9 0
Queensferry Renton 4 0 0 4 2 15 0

HMS Anson look to have played and lost at least three matches before apparently withdrawing.

The remaining matches were possibly unplayed, Binnend scratched from at least one match.

A decider between Linlithgow Rose and Inverkeithing Thistle was arranged at TynecastlePark on 17 May 1902, the former running out 3-0 winners and being awarded the 'Forth League Cup'.

The league appeared again in 1902-03 season with a completely different membership:

Kelty Rangers
Glencraig Rangers
Granton Oakvale

11 January  I've been working on the somewhat complicated Junior leagues in pre-WWi Fife...

UPDATED Scottish League Football Database

2 January I've tried to compile a final table for the 1897-98 Midlothian Junior League and came up with this near complete one. The table is based on one printed in the press on 3 December 1897 with subsequent results added. Bonnyrigg and Musselburgh tied at the top and a decider was arranged during May 1898, Bonnyrigg winning 4-0. After a protest though, a replay was ordered which Bonnyrigg also appear to have wone.

Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic 8 5 1 2 20 14 11
Musselburgh Fern 7 4 3 0 25   8 11
Arniston Rangers 7 3 1 3 10 16   7
Newtongrange Star 6 2 1 3 10   8   5
Dalkeith Rangers 8 1 0 7   6 26   2

1 January UPDATED Scottish League Football Database and Club Directory. By reviewing the League Database I've also been able amend a large number of the individual league pages.

16 December Some sources (including this site!) have shown Dalhousie Rangers as being the 1896-97 Midlothian Junior League champions and an eight-club league. Subsequent research has proven this to be incorrect and the correct winners are actually Arniston Rangers as shown in the final league table as shown below.










Arniston Rangers








Musselburgh Fern








Newtongrange Star








Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic
















Tranent Rangers








Newtongrange Athletic disbanded in October 1896 and their fixtures completed by Newtongrange Star

Dalkeith Rangers and Ormiston Primrose withdrew during the season and their records expunged






Fifth Edition now available. 

Listing the champions of over a thousand league and non-league competitions, this edition, the first in nearly a decade now features the principal winners of amateur, welfare and juvenile football. Women's football is also included

Copies available from (NOTE the option to change the price from US$ to GBP is at the foot of the page)

The Winners



1886-1900   **UPDATED  13 December 2021**
1900-1910   **UPDATED  9 February 2022**
1910-1920    **UPDATED  4 May 2021**
1920-1925    **UPDATED 24 April 2021**
1925-1930    **UPDATED 12 April 2021**
1930-1940    **UPDATED 9 October 2021**
1940-1950    **UPDATED 17 April 2021**

1950-2012 see Stewart's books

2012-date Wikipedia entries


Stewart Davidson has been working on this over the last 20 years and has published books covering the years from 1950 onwards (see the advert below for more details). To complete the project he has generously allowed the SFHA to host the remaining years from 1886 to 1950. There are also two QUERIES LISTS of ties for which we have no results for, please have a look, ANY help regarding these are most welcome. Stewart would also like to thank the following for their input over the years: Tom McGouran, Stuart Robertson, John Aitken, Gordon Baird, Eaaton Thain, Gordon Hunter, Harry Smith, Brian McColl, Peter Cogle, Alick Milne, Malcolm Pagan, Paul Crankshaw, Alun Urquhart, David Fasken. Thanks to Bob Beresford for his corrections to the various Shotts clubs' results and Stuart McBay for his input on Clydebank.



Tom McGouran is researching the above competition with the intent of publishing the work soon. To this end he has compiled a Queries List. Please have a look, any help is most welcome

was at the forefront of publishing research on Junior and Senior non-league football, the annual SNLR yearbook, the 'Bible of Non League football', being a must have.

Stewart Davidson decided to 'retire' after 30 years at the helm and has a number of his publications still available for sale at discounted prices. These booklets are hard to come by and contain a plethora of historical material; club histories, sourcebooks, league and cup histories including a complete record of the Scottish Qualifying Cup. Also available are the complete Scottish Junior Cup results from 1950 to date.

Stewart has UPDATED his list of the available books, please take a look and grab yourself a bargain!


Douglas Gorman and Tom McGouran have compiled the most comprehensive record of Scotland's junior international football team, Junior Scotland 1889 to 2019: The Players and Matches is available from 

An excel spreadsheet giving a summary account of this (dates, line-ups, scorers etc) can be accessed HERE

To help fill in the missing information, they have compiled a NEEDS LIST. Please have a look and if you can help in any way please email me and I will forward it on to them.