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Junior Scotland 1889 to 2019: The Players and Matches

Douglas Gorman and Tom McGouran have compiled the most comprehensive record of Scotland's junior international football team, Junior Scotland 1889 to 2019: The Players and Matches is available from LULU.COM

An excel spreadsheet giving a summary account of this (dates, line-ups, scorers etc) can be accessed HERE

To help fill in the missing information, they have compiled a NEEDS LIST. Please have a look and if you can help in any way please email me and I will forward it on to them.


Additions and updates

27 September UPDATED Scottish Combination (Gordon has supplied more results for the 1905-06 season)

23 September Kincardineshire Junior League, Angus & Kincardineshire Junior League, Montrose & Kincardineshire Junior LeagueDawson Cup, Kincardineshire Subscription Cup, Scott Cup, Chapman Cup and Dickson Cup

21 September Berwickshire League, Berwickshire Junior League, Lees Cup, Paton Cup, Waring Cup, Berwickshire Junior Cup, Berwickshire Junior Charity Cup, Berwickshire Junior Consolation Cup, Dainty Dinah Cup and Wingate Trophy

20 September  Lanarkshire North-Western Junior League, Cambuslang & District Junior LeagueBurnbank & District Junior League, Shotts & District Junior Alliance and Strathaven & District Junior League

Clackmannanshire Junior League (dates and results grids), Clackmannanshire Junior Cup, Alloa & District Junior Cup and Clackmannanshire Junior Charity Cup

Midland Junior League (1896-1901 version), Falkirk & District Junior League and Stirlingshire Central Junior League

18 September Campbeltown & District Junior League, Oban & District Junior CupOban Bullough League, Lyle CupAinsworth Cup, Mid-Argyll Possil Cup, Orr-Ewing Cup, Sutherland Cup and Campbeltown & District Junior Charity Cup (all Argyll-based competitions)

17 September UPDATED Gordon Hunter has added a number of dates/results for the Scottish 2nd Eleven Cup (1903-04 to 1906-07 seasons) and the Penman Cup (1906-07 season)

16 September Perth & District Junior League, Perthshire Junior League, Perth Junior League and Strathmore Junior League

14 September The remaining pre 1969 Forfarshire junior leagues have been added; Angus Junior LeagueForfar & District Junior League, Arbroath & District Junior League, Montrose Junior League, Brechin Junior League, Segell Challenge Cup League, Forfar & Brechin Junior League, Arbroath Junior League and Angus Junior Supplementary League

12 September UPDATED Scottish Combination (Gordon has added results and further corrections to the 1904-05 and 1905-06 seasons)

10 September Dundee & District Junior League, (Dundee) Inter-County Junior League, (Dundee) City & District Junior League, Midland Counties Junior League, Dundee City Junior League, Dundee North-Western Junior League, Midland Junior League (1939-1947 version) and the Dumbartonshire Junior League

8 September Aberdeen & District Junior League, Aberdeen & District Junior League Cup and Aberdeen Junior League

6 September Renfrewshire Junior League, Stirling & District Junior League,Stirlingshire Junior League, Stirlingshire Junior League Cup and Clackmannanshire Junior League

4 September Lanarkshire Junior League, LJL Supplementary League, Lanarkshire Junior League Cup, 100 Guineas Cup, Lanarkshire Junior Alliance and Lanarkshire Second Junior League 

NOTE that the list of the Lanarkshire Junior League's champions is slightly different from other published sources, this is due to continued research on this matter.

UPDATED Scottish Junior League (1929-30 West Division table and the 1930-31 Championship play-off details) and Scottish Central Junior League (1931-32 East Division table)

2 September UPDATED North Ayrshire Cup and Ayrshire & Renfrewshire League (Gordon Hunter has added more results to the 1903-04 season)

31 August Scottish Central Junior League, Scottish Central Junior League Supplementary League, Scottish Central Junior League Cup, Glasgow District Junior League (1931-32 version) and North-Eastern Junior League (both organised by the SCJL)

UPDATED Scottish Combination (Gordon has added a number of results and further notes to the 1903-04 season)

30 August UPDATED Scottish 2nd Eleven Cup (Craig Tyreman has uncovered the draw for the 1885-86 semi-final)

Renfrewshire Cup and Renfrewshire Victoria Cup (Gordon Hunter has added several results and amendements to the 1903-04 season)

28 August Scottish Intermediate League, Scottish Intermediate League CupWestern Intermediate League, Western Intermediate League Cup, North-Eastern Intermediate Cup, Scottish Intermediate Cup and Scottish Intermediate Consolation Cup

27 August Glasgow Junior League, Glasgow Junior League Cup and Glasgow 2nd XI Junior League. The Glasgow District Junior League page has been slightly amended to reflect the absence of press reports during the 1910-11 season.

26 August Scottish Junior League, SJL Victory Cup, SJL Victory Consolation Cup, Scottish Junior Alliance, Glasgow District Junior League and Second Glasgow Junior League

24 August Highland League, Highland League Cup, Central Highland League and Highland Emergency League winners lists. Lowland League tables and Lowland League Cup winners

23 August Lanarkshire League and North Caledonian League

22 August UPDATES Maclolm Pagan who has written books on the history of senior and junior football in Dumfries & Galloway has sent in a few amendments to the tables for the Southern Counties League (1914-15, 1924-25, 1930-31, 1933-34 and  1934-35), this has also been reflected in the South of Scotland League Tables page. Also the 1937-38 Wigtownshire Cup winners were St Cuthbert Wanderers, NOT RAF West Freugh and the 'final' tie for the 1914-15 Southern Counties Consolation Cup which had mistakenly shown Nithsdale Wanderers instead of Mid-Annandale has been corrected