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1886-1900   **UPDATED  20 April**
1900-1910   **UPDATED  4 May**
1910-1920    **UPDATED  4 May**
1920-1925    **UPDATED 24 April**
1925-1930    **UPDATED 12 April**
1930-1940    **UPDATED 24 April**
1940-1950    **UPDATED 17 April**

1950-2012 see Stewart's books

2012-date Wikipedia entries


Stewart Davidson has been working on this over the last 20 years and has published books covering the years from 1950 onwards (see the advert right for more details). To complete the project he has generously allowed the SFHA to host the remaining years from 1886 to 1950. There are also two QUERIES LISTS of ties for which we have no results for, please have a look, ANY help regarding these are most welcome. Stewart would also like to thank the following for their input over the years: Tom McGouran, Stuart Robertson, John Aitken, Gordon Baird, Eaaton Thain, Gordon Hunter, Harry Smith, Brian McColl, Peter Cogle, Alick Milne, Malcolm Pagan, Paul Crankshaw, Alun Urquhart, David Fasken. Thanks to Bob Beresford for his corrections to the various Shotts clubs' results and Stuart McBay for his input on Clydebank.



Tom McGouran is researching the above competition with the intent of publishing the work soon. To this end he has compiled a Queries List. Please have a look, any help is most welcome

Additions and updates

20 June UPDATED Scottish Combination. More Bo'ness results have been added to the 1936-37 competition.

2 June UPDATED West Region Junior League Division 2 tables for 2010 -11 and 2011-12 have been amended as have the winners lists for the Cowdenbeath Cup, Larkhall Charity Cup and Lochgelly Shield.

5 May The East of Scotland League table for 1972-73 has been amended following new information uncovered by John Clayton. Previously it was reported that Edinburgh University had been excluded from the final table when it was actually Heriot-Watt University that had been suspended. Also Raith Rovers reserves withdrew from the second stage of of the 1966-67 competition.

4 May Some corrections have been made to pages featuring  the Dundee & District Junior League, Aberdeen & District Junior League, North Region Junior League and Tayside Region Junior League

Kevin Robertson, match secretary of Neilston has noted from an old photograph that the 1905-06 Carswell Cup was won by Neilston Victoria

18 April Kirkintilloch Junior Jubilee Cup (winners and results supplied by Alun Urquhart). This replaces the entry for the Kirkintilloch & District Junior Cup.

31 March UPDATED Peter Ross has uncovered the missing Paisley Charity Cup result for Dykebar v Arthurlie from 1891

23 March I've added the dates and results of a number of war-time competitions; the aborted Scottish League programme of 1939-40 including its replacement competition, Scottish Southern League, Scottish Southern League Cup, Scottish North-Eastern League and Scottish North-Eastern League Cup.

20 March Gordon Hunter has sent in a few amendments to some Fife Junior cup competitions. The Ferdinandi Cup which was competed for between 1908 and 1923 was actually a Juvenile competition as was the Lochgelly Shield of 1909-10, these seasons have now been removed. He has also added more winners for the McArthur Cup and Janetta Cup.

The Wilson Cup and Festival Cup matches between Heart of Midlothian and Hibernian

18 March Winners of the main Scottish Welfare FA competitions, Templeton Cup, Daily Record Cup, Donald McNair Cup and Jack Bryson Cup

13 March I've added lists of the winners of the South of Scotland League, South of Scotland League Cup, Haig Gordon Memorial Trophy, Alba Cup and the overall Southern Counties championship the Detroit Trophy

North of Scotland Cup (including all results from 1888-1901), Pattison CupInverness Cup, Nairn & District Cup, Skol Cup, Inter League Cup, Campbell Charity Cup, Drybrough Cup, Norfrost Cup, Buchan Cup, Inverness Tournament, Banff Tournament, MacKessack Cup and Campbell Charity Cup.

I'd like to thank Cyclizine of Pie & Bovril for supplying a list of the Perthshire Amateur League champions.

I've added a page of winners of the Scottish Cup, Scottish Qualifying Cup, Scottish Qualifying Cup (North), Scottish Qualifying Cup (South), Scottish Qualifying Cup (Midland), Scottish North Supplementary Cup, Scottish South Supplementary Cup, Scottish Consolation Cup, Scottish North Challenge Cup and Scottish South Challenge Cup. I won't be expanding upon these as there are a number of publications and websites that extensively cover these competitions. Stewart Davidson had published a book that contained every result of the Qualifying Cup competitions, including the Consolation and Supplementary Cups, while Stewart Mathers Scottish Cup site also has every result, including dates.

7 March Perthshire League, Perth City & County League, Atholl League, West Perthshire League and North Perthshire League

5 March Tom McGouran has added more info on the National Drybrough Cup and Whitbread Trophy.

4 March Robert Hosie and Andy McGregor (of Rel8 Media Publishing) has supplied missing ties, results and venues for the National Drybrough Cup. Many matches were played at neutral venues that had Drybrough's Social Clubs.

3 March The Salute the Soldier Cup was a one-off war-time competition competed for by Lanarkshire Junior FA clubs.

2 March Haddingtonshire Cup. Played between 1881 and 1885, this was one of the earlest examples of a league competition.





The Scottish Non League Review
was at the forefront of publishing research on Junior and Senior non-league football, the annual SNLR yearbook, the 'Bible of Non League football', being a must have.

Stewart Davidson decided to 'retire' after 30 years at the helm and has a number of his publications still available for sale at discounted prices. These booklets are hard to come by and contain a plethora of historical material; club histories, sourcebooks, league and cup histories including a complete record of the Scottish Qualifying Cup. Also available are the complete Scottish Junior Cup results from 1950 to date.

Stewart has UPDATED his list of the available books, please take a look and grab yourself a bargain!


Junior Scotland 1889 to 2019: The Players and Matches
Douglas Gorman and Tom McGouran have compiled the most comprehensive record of Scotland's junior international football team, Junior Scotland 1889 to 2019: The Players and Matches is available from 

An excel spreadsheet giving a summary account of this (dates, line-ups, scorers etc) can be accessed HERE

To help fill in the missing information, they have compiled a NEEDS LIST. Please have a look and if you can help in any way please email me and I will forward it on to them.